A unique beauty concept you can own.


“Joining Aloette is more than a career move, it’s creating a business around your lifestyle that allows you to start a new career without starting over.”


Why Aloette?

Have you ever wanted to be a President? With Aloette Cosmetics, not only can you be your own boss, your corner office can be wherever you want it to be. Aloette is the only direct sales beauty company that gives you the opportunity to own a franchise and to be the president of your territory. We empower women and men across North America to live the life they want. Cosmetics, especially good-for-your-skin beauty, never goes out of style. It’s a booming business all year long and during thriving and trying times. Plus, you’ll receive all the beautiful perks that come with joining the beauty industry. Your dream job is available.

What You Can Expect From Aloette

Choose Your Office
Beautiful Products
Dream Job Available

Our Story

At Aloette Cosmetics, we’re committed to creating products and opportunities that do real good — for you, your community and the environment. Aloette’s makeup, skin care and spa lines all contain the highest concentration of proprietary Aloe Vera among other nourishing Farm to Jar™ botanical ingredients and age defying science. You’ll fall in love with Aloette’s effective, good-for-your skin products that contribute to a growing $60 billion cosmetic industry. We will show you how easy it is to become a successful Aloette franchise owner, build a community of Beauty Consultants and live the life you always wanted.

“We are interested in supporting and sustaining happy, healthy lifestyles.
Won’t you join us?”

Here is why people Love our products!

Steps to Ownership

Step 1
  • Contact us now by filling out the form below! We’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours.
  • Phone interview with our corporate team.
  • We’ll send you an introductory package worth over $250!
Step 2
  • Start holding Aloette parties. We’ll provide you a starter kit to get you on board!
  • Develop a 90 day plan to grow your team.
  • Receive ongoing support from our corporate team.
Step 3
  • Receive franchise approval.
  • Sign franchise agreement and finalize start date.
  • Continue working through your 90 day plan to grow your team. We’ll support you every step of the way.
Step 4
  • Finalize your franchise name.
  • Receive training on website and online ordering system.
  • Develop an inventory plan.

Let’s Get Started!

Fill out the form to be contacted.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs section.

Who We Are

  • Meet the beauty junkie

    Mindy Boyd

    franchise owner of Aloette of Mississippi Central

    “My team loves to try new products and showcase our selfies. It’s easy to grow your team when you’re having so much fun!”

  • Meet the party animal

    Jackie Bailey

    franchise owner of Aloette of East North Carolina

    “You grow your business by holding Aloette parties – much more fun than sitting in a cubicle 9 – 5!”

  • Meet the nature lover

    Kristen Jones

    franchise owner of Aloette of Central Coast California

    “I believe in ingredients that are fresh. Aloette products are farm to jar – made with the best ingredients that Earth can offer!”

  • Meet the mompreneur

    Cheryl Slachta

    franchise owner of Aloette of South East Virginia

    “I make my business plans while I’m watching my son’s baseball game. You own a business, but you’re still working from home.”

  • Meet the multitasker

    Natalie Girard

    franchise owner of Aloette of Montreal & Quebec

    “An entrepreneur never wants to rest. If you feel energized juggling a career and family, this is the right path for you!”

  • Meet the wise mentor

    Anne-Marie Roche

    franchise owner of Aloette of Toronto East/West

    “The best part about my job is when I can grow someone’s capabilities as a beauty consultant and recognize them for their rewards.”

  • Meet the world traveler

    Sandy Shealy

    franchise owner of Aloette of Upstate South Carolina

    “In the past five years I have travelled everywhere – from Los Cabos to the Mediterranean to the Bahamas. My favorite part is travelling with my team of beauty consultants who earned their trip for free.”

  • Meet the big dreamer

    Dallas Cross

    franchise owner of Aloette of Alberta Rockies

    “My husband and I got married, bought a house and bought a franchise all in one year. We’ve always dreamt of owning a business together and at 30 years old, here we are!”

  • Meet the self-starter

    Bethany Owens

    franchise owner of Aloette of Central Alabama

    “I want Aloette Cosmetics to be a brand name in my state, and I won’t stop until my dream comes true.”


What are the advantages of owning an Aloette franchise?

We know what it takes to start a successful franchise. We have over 30 years of experience growing Aloette Cosmetics. We have the right people and systems to support franchisee needs, including product research and development, comprehensive operating practices, onsite startup assistance, ongoing training and support, marketing, field communications and, of course, a great profitability model! With these key features in place, we support you through every step along the way ensuring your success.

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I’ve never been an Aloette Consultant before. Can I still own a franchise?

Yes. Through our comprehensive training program, you will be coached and instructed on how to be a successful Aloette Franchise Owner, including how to sell the product and how to build a team through our social selling model.

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I am an Aloette Consultant and/or Manager and I'm interested. Who can I contact?

A great way to maximize your Aloette career earning is through franchise ownership! Talk to your President about your franchise goals or contact us directly for more details.

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How much does it cost to open a franchise?

Owning an Aloette Cosmetics franchise is $30,000. We do offer financing options that we can guide you through once you are in our franchise disclosure process.

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How much will I make a year?

We would love to share with you our franchise profit potential. Please contact us directly for more details.

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What training is available?

We provide ongoing franchise training in the field and help you set up your business through our easy to use Franchise System! You will have a field coach to support, mentor and train you as you grow your Consultant team. Plus, you will gain access to a network of experienced franchise presidents that will assist you as you start your Aloette Franchise!

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How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Click here to complete your Information Request Form, including the best time and number to contact you. We can’t wait to get you started. Let’s talk soon!

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